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This Month’s Featured Artist

                             Ksenia Meleshko
Phone: (774) 3105626

“I paint flowers, so they will not die”.                                                       
Frida Kahlo

I’ve been into art my entire life and been painting since I was 4 years old. The light, the sun, the nature in general that what makes me alive. I am fascinated by our planet, every day is different, every day is magical, it’s all moving, it’s all energy. The energy that makes us feel content, powerful, brave and alive. I show the nature through my perspective, through my colorful lenses and my brave colors by capturing the light, which fades away withing minutes, but stays on m canvases. Oil is my main medium to express my art, but I also like acrylics and do lots of sketches with pencils. My work is a constant search of the best way to show how incredible our Planet is. I do not limit myself to one concept, my inspiration and ideas change, because the nature is so different, you can’t show it all by using one technique. Each piece I create is extension from my past, from places I’ve seen, being here on the island. I do not classify myself just as an artist, I am a sculptor, craft artist, impressionist, designer. I love the idea that I doesn’t matter who you are, matters only of a viewer stopes for a moment and reflects onto a piece I created, to me it means I’ve succeeded in my work and in my art in general.    
15″x15″ Summer is here
5″x5″ Sunny Day
8″x15″  Full Moon
15″x20″ The Island