Library Services for People with Disabilities

The Library is accessible for individuals who have difficulty with mobility, vision, and hearing.

  • Handicap accessible automatic doors are on the parking lot entrance of the Library
  • The elevator stops at each floor of the Library.
  • Library programs are accessible for the hard of hearing and for those with mobility issues. If you require additional considerations, please reach out to us in advance of the program and let us know how best to accommodate you.
  • Staff members are able to retrieve materials, make photocopies, or otherwise be of help to any library users who request additional assistance.

Library staff will assist any patron with special needs, enabling everyone to enjoy full use of the Library’s resources including the following:

  • A sizable collection of large print books, Playaways, and books on CD.
  • A collection of audio-described DVDs, which have narration inserted between the dialog, describing the film’s action and other key elements.
  • Home delivery of books for those who are unable to visit the library, for more information, visit our At Home Service page.
  • Max portable video magnifier which can be checked out and used with your TV at home
  • Handheld video magnifier for use in the library
  • Handheld magnifying glasses are available at each service desk
  • Access to Perkins Talking Book machines and titles through the library, or we can assess your eligibility for at-home service directly through Perkins Talking Book Library in Watertown, MA.

Assistive Listening System (ALS)

The Oak Bluffs Public Library has an FM assistive listening system. This wireless system transmits sounds directly to a person who is hard of hearing for optimal clarity and better understanding. It provides improved listening clarity for people with hearing loss who experience difficulty and fatigue, when trying to understand speech, because of distance, reverberation, and distracting background noise. The listener hears the transmitted sound via a FM receiver that is used in combination with a compatible telecoil in a hearing aid or with headphones. The Library can supply receivers and headphones for use during programs.

Personal Listening Device

In addition to the ALS, the library has a personal listening devices available at the reference desk to be used within the library. These devices work in conjunction with a telecoil in a hearing aid or with headphones to transmit sound directly to a person who is hard of hearing. For more information about these personal listening devices please ask a staff member.

Accessible Technology Station

Available upon request.

Large Print Keyboard
Trackball Mouse
Screen Magnifier
Speech-to-Text Software
Screen Narration

Patrons may sign up for a 2-hour block of time in the study room, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If a patron requires the use of the Accessible Technology Station and requires an advanced sign-up or a block of more than 2 hours, they are encouraged to speak to a staff member for accommodation by calling 508-693-9433 or emailing