Mango Languages

Mango Languages banner with logo, smartphone and PC monitor

The Oak Bluffs Public Library is proud to carry the online language-learning software by Mango Languages. This premiere website for libraries is a unique way to learn a foreign language.

All you need is your OBPL library card number. (If you have a library card from another CLAMS library, you won’t be able to access our library’s Mango Languages. (If you would like to open an Oak Bluffs CLAMS card, come in to the library to receive a brand new OBPL library card.)

The library’s subscription currently offers 72 language courses, including:

Traditional Web Interface:

Enjoy all the features of learning a new language naturally!

Access Mango Languages via the web


Take Mango with you! The easy-to-use mobile interface makes it even easier to learn a new language in no time!



*Register for an account with your library card before using the mobile App.