Computers / Print / Scan / Fax / Wifi

Chromebook laptops are available for onsite or offsite use with a library card. Ask at Circulation or Reference Desk to checkout a device. 

Study Rooms are now available for booking ahead of time. They do not have computers for use, but you may checkout a Chromebook. You can call ahead to book a single 2 hr. block at a time. Max use of 2 hrs. per day.

Printing / Photocopying

Spring/ Summer 2022, first 20 pages are free. After that, printing from the computer or photocopying documents is .20 cents a page for black and white, .40 cents a page for color. OBPL does not charge students for printing schoolwork.

Mobile (Wireless) Printing – 4 options

  1. From your laptop or home computer
  2. Sending an email to the library printer.
  3. By installing an App on your smart phone or tablet
  4. **Curbside pick-up available during Covid-19, still available Summer 2022. Please email documents to: and call library to schedule a pick up. (508)-693-9433

All mobile print jobs will need to be released from a staff desk before they print. Your email address will be used to identify the print job. There are multiple ways to mobile print:

Detailed instructions for each method are listed below and also available as a downloadable attachment.

MobilePrint Instructions (pdf)

1. How to print from a laptop or desktop computer at home or work:

  • Click on green printer above, or visit:
  • Select the printer and enter your email address.
  • Browse your computer to find and select the file you wish to print.
  • Click the forward button, then click the the green print icon to submit. (You will see the status of your print job and a reference number.)
  • Go to any staff desk to pay and have print released. Prints will come out on black printer in Reference Area upstairs.

2. How to use email* to send something directly to library print system:

  • Email from any device directly to the library’s print system. You can also forward and email, please be sure to include the attachment. The below addresses allow for different printing configuration. Most common is highlighted.
  • Attachments will print separately from the email body. It will be sent as two different documents.

*Items emailed may take up to five minutes to register on the staff print release system. If you are printing an email with an attachment, the attachment will register as one print job and the body of the email as a second print job.

3. How to print from tablet or smartphone app:

  • Visit your device’s store for apps, download, install and launch the PrinterOn App.
  • Click “No printer selected”.
  • Click “Search”. Search for Oak Bluffs Library
  • Find Oak Bluffs Library and click [PRINTER NAME*] and save.

*Printer name choices: (Black & White; 2-sided Black & White; Color; 2-sided Color)

To print:

  • Documents: when viewing the document, click in the upper right corner and upload the document to the PrinterOn App.
  • Photos from your phone: open the app, click on “photo” and select a photo to print.
  • Select the printer and click the print icon.
  • Enter an email address and click on the check mark (you will receive a notice that the job started, and shortly after another message stating “Job Success”).
  • Go to any staff desk to pay and have print released.


Public desktop computers are available in the library on a first come, first served basis. CLAMS cardholders may login free of charge to the public computers using their CLAMS library card number (below the barcode of the card). Sessions are guaranteed for an hour to start, then cardholders can renew their sessions for one-hour increments so long as there is no waiting list.

Local visitors without a CLAMS card may obtain a free Guest Pass which will provide a one-time-use login. A Visitor’s Pass allows for one 60-minute session.

Computer Locations

Reference Area – Second Floor
Ten (10) computers for adults and visitors.

Young Adult Room – Second Floor
Four (4) computers reserved for users from age 12-18.

Children’s Room – Second Floor
Eight (8) computers for children and accompanying parent or guardian.

Study Room – First Floor (Computer not currently available- Summer 2022)
One (1) PC in our left-hand Study Room. We ask that any computer questions are directed to our Reference Librarian (second floor) rather than our Circulation Staff (first floor). Any print jobs are sent to the upstairs printer.

Patrons may sign up in advance for a single 2 hr. block of time, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Accessible Technology Station Study Room – First Floor (Please call ahead for this service.)
One (1) Accessible PC can be set-up. The Accessible Technology Station includes:

  • Large Print Keyboard
  • Trackball Mouse
  • Screen Magnifier
  • Microphone
  • Speech-to-Text Software
  • Screen Narration

Patrons may sign up for a 2 hr. block of time in the study room, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If a patron requires the use of the Accessible Technology Station and require an advanced sign-up or a block of more than 2 hrs., they are encouraged to speak to a staff member for accommodation.


Faxing is $1 per page, including cover sheet.


Scanning at OBPL is free. The library’s scanner can scan to email or you can save documents as a PDF or JPG file to a USB thumb drive (USB memory stick). Patrons are encouraged to bring their own USB memory device, if they choose this option. Otherwise, one may be supplied by the library for the purpose of uploading the document(s) to a PC for viewing or editing.

Wi-Fi In-House

The library offers free Wi-Fi throughout the building and on library grounds.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

The library offers free Wi-Fi hotspots for 2-week checkout to patrons in good standing who have signed our Wifi Hotspot Lending Agreement. Unlimited data has been pre-paid by the library. Save your data and take one on your next trip!