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Read the New York Times online

You can access the New York Times online for free using your Oak Bluffs Public Library card. Simply click HERE and enter the code c59d2806040934a2. Then create a username and password. You must use this login and password for every future visit to the New York Times online.

Search hundreds of publications through our Gale databases Use “publication search” to access to the New York Times and New York Times Book Review. Search by Publication title. Click on New York Times to browse issues by date.

Quick link to access Boston Globe, available through our Proquest database. **If you are asked to login to your library, search for “Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners”. Then click “publications” in the navigation bar above the search field. Click on the Boston Globe to browse issues.

For more in depth instructions, or to access and search other titles, you must follow the instructions on the PDF below to learn how to “browse” through a particular date of these newspapers.

  • For other publications, visit our Database page, scroll down to NYT and other Newspapers & Magazines through Gale, or Boston Globe through Proquest
  • Search for and click on the respective title and then choose “browse” by date options.

Download complete PDF instructions, with images to demonstrate how to browse the newspapers by date. See first five steps above to get started.

**Note, these links will NOT work with incognito windows as they are pre-authorized for Oak Bluffs Public Library and require a unique login.