Technology How-Tos

Are you worried technology is leaving you behind? Do you need to learn the basics of computers or tablets?

We offer one-to-one support daily. If you have a question, or need some basic tech help, please call or stop by the Reference Desk at anytime. Can’t get to Oak Bluffs? Try the library in your town!

Contact the OB library for more information, to make an appointment or to receive help over the phone: ; 508-693-9433 

Looking for self-help resources?

For user-friendly videos, catering to beginners, visit the Public Library Association’s Digital Learn Website.

For thorough instructions, hand-outs and how-to-videos on a variety of technology topics, visit Goodwill Community Foundation’s website

Tech Talk America Youtube videos offer humorous lessons on how to conquer your computer. The above video is on learning how to use Pages for Mac. Check it out and subscribe to his channel for other videos.

Google’s “Small Solves” Youtube series of 2-3 minute videos can help you get your business online, communicate with others remotely and improve your discoverability.

These videos are part of the Grow With Google campaign and were referenced in Oak Bluff’s Library’s Libraries Lead classes in July 2020, a grant program offered by Google and PLA (Public Library Association).

In summer 2020, the library hosted online classes using Digital Learn Resources, in a partnership with Grow with Google and Public Library Association’s Libraries Lead grant. That grant resulted in added access for patrons with public WIFI outside of the library building and helped the library purchase Chromebooks for circulation. 

The library continues to offer Grow with Google workshops and is considered an official partner. Please see our monthly calendar for classes.

Are you a technology trainer? If so, Digital Learn also offers free lessons and materials to help you teach others how to use technology. 

Are you fluent in technology skills and looking to expand? Explore this great 3-D printing resource guide from Boston Public Library to become familiar with some of the language and concepts.