Tiny Treasures- MFA Library Passes

July 1, 2023–February 18, 2024
Tiny Treasures: The Magic of Miniatures

The Oak Bluffs Public Library is pleased to provide museum passes to our patrons for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, including this very special exhibit.

Simply defined, a miniature is an object smaller than its parent object—compare a chair made for a dolls’ house at two inches tall with a normal-sized one. The unexpected scale of miniatures, especially in relation to humans as viewers, can be instantly unsettling and uncanny. But miniatures are full of charm and humor, and they carry meaning all the more profound for being distilled into a smaller form. –MFA website

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Discounted Library Admission: $10 per adult (works for Hokusai admission as well!)
Usual admission: $27 per adult for general admission

Get discounted admission to the world-famous museum and discover something new on your next trip to Boston.
  • Online Pass
  • Go to https://www.mfa.org/tickets
  • Select the date of your visit.
  • Select Admission type. (Non-member adult $25 each)
  • Now enter the Oak Bluffs Library Promo Code IP-2722598 (top right corner of the screen) and click Submit.
  • Then re-select an Admission type. Enter 1 or 2 next to library pass ($10 each)
  • Check off Health and Safety waiver.
  • Click on Add to Cart
  • Click on Go to Order Summary and complete order
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Avenue of the Arts
465 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02115