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Captain Clough on Martha’s Vineyard, his Journals & Voyages

November 9 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Captain Clough on Martha’s Vineyard, his journals and voyages. John Clough presents with guest Paul Magid, who is collecting data to write a biography of Capt. Benjamin. Captain Benjamin Clough grew up on an orchid/farm in Monmouth Maine. By age 16 he had 8 siblings and left for New Bedford to seek fame and fortune. During his fifth whaling voyage, in 1842, he single-handedly rescued the ship Sharon from mutineers, a story well known and frequently told. This lecture will touch on the mutiny and a detailed personal version will be distributed to the audience. Emphasis will be placed on other voyages and activities including three additional journals to expand understanding of the man, flavor of the whaling life, and details of the industry.