Teen’s Room

The Lounge

We haven’t talked much about the new Teen Room, a.k.a The Lounge, yet, but we’re really excited about it and want to give you a tour! We moved the Teen Room over and out of it’s previous little home and given teens a place to spread out and relax.


Whereas the old Teen Room was tiny and cramped, our new space is big, with room to move things around and expand. We’ve purchased Fat Boy beanbag chairs to hang out on. Put your feet up and read a magazine in this corner!


There are cafe tables to share with a friend, or sit here by yourself and your laptop to write the Next Great American Novel.





Have you checked out our music collection? We have all the latest indie, hip-hop, and pop music you love- and also some classic bands you absolutely have to know. Take a risk, pick out an album you don’t know! It’s free, and you might just find your next favorite band.


  Do you like Manga? Of course you do. We have a growing collection of some great series. Don’t see what you want? Why don’t you suggest something? We’re always looking for new series to add!


The Lounge has evolved into a place where everyone is welcomed- whether you’re an adult who loves YA novels (and why wouldn’t you?!), a teen looking for a comfy seat, or a tween who wants to get away from the chaos that is the Children’s Room.



Look at all of our books!



If you have actual homework to do, you can totally do it here. There are two computers for you to use if you have a Library card. If you don’t have a Library card, you should get one!


Thanks for checking out the Lounge. Now why don’t you stop by and see it in real life?