Children’s Room


Leigh French was hired as the new Library Assistant in the Children’s Room! I hope you all come up to meet her.

On February 17 she did a program about Mr. Frye, the first black business owner on Circuit Ave. in OB. He owned a cobbler shop, and Leigh created a picture book about him and read it to the children. She also showed them his old cobbler tools (you can see them on the chair at the front of the photo), still being used today by another island cobbler.Then the kids imagined they had magic shoes made by Mr. Frye and made their own books about their adventures. We have their books on display until the end of March, so come see the books while you’re up here meeting Leigh!
{In this photo, Leigh is kindly showing her book a child who came late the program, to catch them up on what’s going on, while the other children were busy making their books.}