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The Library has two spaces open for reservations (the Meeting Room and the Conference Room.) Room reservations can be made by filling out a room reservation application online. Forms are also available in the library. For questions, contact the Program Coordinator, Carolina Cooney at 508-693-9433 ext. 408 or by email at ccooney@clamsnet.org.

Oak Bluffs Library Meeting/Conference Room Policy Statement

In support of the library’s goals and mission statement, the purpose of the Oak Bluffs Library’s meeting and conference room is to provide a place for events which are intended in enrich lives and encourage education.

Use will be granted to qualified official and community groups and individuals for civic, educational, and cultural meetings and events in accordance with the Facilities Use Policy. Meetings must be open to all members of the general public without charge.

Meeting Room


Room description:

Access: There is an elevator available. The parking lot is behind the library, with access via a driveway off School Street.

Conference Room

IMG_0760 IMG_0762 IMG_0763

The Oak Bluffs Public Library Conference Room

Room description: The Oak Bluffs Public Library Historical Room is on the upper level of the Oak Bluffs Public Library. There are chairs around a conference table with electrical outlets; a white board, and a screen for presentations. Note that maximum capacity is 16 people (including presenters).

Regular library service must take precedence over all other activities and the use of the meeting space must not interfere with the operation of the Library. The room houses the library’s historical collection in a locked case, and staff may need access to it while a meeting is taking place.

Meeting space in the Historical Conference Room is only available during regular library hours. All use of the Historical Room must begin after the Library has opened to the public and the room must be cleared 10 minutes before scheduled closing time.

Access: There is an elevator available. The parking lot is behind the library, with access via a driveway off School Street.



I.            RATIONALE

This policy is to inform interested parties of the rules and regulations for room usage in ways that best serve the Library’s mission.

 II.            ROOMS AND SPACES

The Rooms and Spaces covered by this policy include:

  • The Conference Room, located upstairs (16-person capacity)
  • The Meeting Room, located downstairs (68-person capacity)
  • Any other space in the library that can be used as a public meeting space, including but not limited to the Children’s Programming Room, the Teen Lounge, the Periodical Reading Room, and designated seating areas.

 III.            USAGE

The Rooms and Spaces must be used for civic, educational and cultural meetings that are open to the general public at no charge.

The rooms are available during normal Library hours and must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing. The Meeting Room is available after hours only for official Town of Oak Bluffs purposes or in special cases approved by the Director.

  IV.            LIMITATIONS

Any space shall be used for 4 hours or less per day, including setup and cleanup time.

There is a 4-person minimum for reserving the Meeting Room. There is a 2-person minimum for reserving the Conference Room.

The rooms cannot be reserved for consecutive days, except by town departments or by the discretion of the Director.

Alcoholic beverages may not be served, consumed or brought into the Library by any outside group. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Library premises.

Light refreshments may be served in the downstairs Meeting Room. Cleanup is the responsibility of the group using the space and must be completed during the time of the reservation. For any group planning to serve refreshments, a deposit of $100 may be required at the time of application.

The following uses are categorically prohibited, except by the library or organizations affiliated with the library:

  • Any event that excludes the general public
  • Fundraisers
  • Private functions (e.g., Family events, private parties, and school reunions)
  • Commercial for-profit activity, except for authors who sell signed copies of their books in conjunction with an in-person public presentation or artists who display their work as part of a public exhibit
  • Worship services
  • Any use that requires or encourages participants to pay a fee to attend
  • Any use which interferes with normal Library operation


In the case of overlapping reservations, the rooms will be assigned in the following order of precedence:

  1. Elections and regularly scheduled Selectmen meetings
  2. Library purposes
  3. Town Department or work group meetings
  4. Meetings of other government agencies on matters affecting Oak Bluffs
  5. Oak Bluffs community groups for civic, educational, philanthropic or cultural programs
  6. Other community groups for civic, educational, philanthropic or cultural programs
  7. Other uses

All else being equal, preference will be given to local groups regardless of when the reservation was made. Exceptions may be made at the Director’s discretion.

  VI.            RESERVATIONS

Any group wishing to use a space must authorize one person to request a reservation for a particular space and time on a form provided by the Library. This person must be at least 18-years of age and provide a valid ID upon request. By signing the completed form, the applicant guarantees their presence at the event and assumes responsibility for overseeing the activity.

Reservations may be made up to three months in advance.

Reservations must be made on the Room Reservation Form either online or on the paper form, available in the library. The Director or his/her designee will respond to the applicant within a week of receiving the completed application. A reservation is not complete until it has been confirmed in writing by the Director or his/her designee.


  • Arranging room and rearranging the furnishings to standard placement
  • Orderly conduct of the users
  • Leaving room clean
  • Paying for police coverage if needed
  • Holding library harmless for losses or damages occurred during usage
  • Prompt notification of cancellation
  • Proper use of Library equipment
    • Staff may be able to assist in the training and setup of the equipment with adequate notice.


Granting space usage does not imply the Library’s endorsement of a group’s beliefs or activities.

Groups that fail to abide by this Policy may be restricted from using Library rooms in the future.

Approved: December 14, 2016