Children’s Room


We had a terrific time at the Portuguese/English Story Time! 9 year old Amadine Muniz read the books in Portuguese while Irene read the translations in English. That very smart and considerate Amadine translated them for Irene earlier. We enjoyed some funny stories about animals with peculiar habits! Then we drank lemonade and juice, and ate all kinds of cookies & snacks from the Brazilian store.

We were happy to find 25 people in the audience. We invite you all to come again , or for the first time, on Saturday, April 7 @ 10:30AM for an Easter Portuguese/English Story Time. We’ll read about rabbits and eggs!

Voce está convidado a vir para a biblioteca de Oak Bluffs para escutar historinhas sobre Pascoa em português e inglês.
Oak Bluffs Public Library
Sábado, 7 de Abril
às 10:30 da manha
Um lanche sera servido no final do Programa. Pessoas de qualquer idade sao bem-vindas.