Mango Languages


The Oak Bluffs Public Library is proud to announce that it is carrying the online language-learning software by Mango Languages. This premiere website for libraries is a unique way to learn a foreign language.


All you need is your OBPL library card number. (If you have a library card from another CLAMS library, you won’t be able to access Mango Languages. If you live in Oak Bluffs, come in to the library to receive a brand new OBPL library card.)


The library’s subscription currently offers 72 language courses, including:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • ESL for Brazilian Portuguese speakers


Traditional Web Interface:

Enjoy all the features of learning a new language naturally!

Access Mango Languages via the web



Take Mango with you! The easy-to-use mobile interface makes it even easier to learn a new language in no time!