Library Newsletter Published – Read It Online!

Please read the Spring/Summer Issue of the library’s newsletter, Books & Beyond, to learn about upcoming library events, the staff’s favorLIT summer reading picks, and the latest library services and news! Below is a message from the Library Director that appears on the front page of the newsletter:

From The Director

As we enjoy the change of seasons, it is always a pleasure to join the community in welcoming back our seasonal residents and visitors. Visit your friendly library staff soon and learn about the exciting programs and services at your library.

Remember to capture your favorite Island moments and scenery through your camera lens. This is the third year that the library, in conjunction with the annual celebration of Della Hardman Day on Saturday, July 31, is sponsoring a photography contest to select images featuring Martha’s Vineyard that reflect Della’s legacy theme ~ “savor the moment.”

Photographs will be judged based on the artful representation of the “Savor the Moment” theme during all four seasons on the Island. The winning entries will be published in the Library Calendar for 2011. The deadline for submitting your photographs is May 29 at 4 PM. The entry form is available on our web site and at the library.

Danguole Budris,
Library Director