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CLAMS system-wide outage means interruption of service for library patrons.

Please bring your library card with you today, as the CLAMS catalog is down and we will not be able to check out to patrons who do not have a card. Also, no new library cards can be issued today.

OverDrive is also down due to the CLAMS-wide server outage.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Unfortunately, we have no timetable as to when CLAMS will be back online. It’s estimated that the outage may last all day.

Connecting Boys with Books

Boys are failing to read at an alarming rate.

Libraries are not solving the problem because boys are not a presence in libraries. Find out how we lose boys, and why, what the consequences are for boys, and what we can do to save boys from lives as non-readers.

Michael Sullivan will be speaking on

Tuesday, March 19th at 6pm.

He brings more than fifteen years experience as a Children’s Librarian and Library Director, storyteller, chess teacher, and author of the Connecting Boys With Books series.


Parents, Teachers, welcome!, and Librarians welcome!

OverDrive’s New Look!

OverDrive is getting a makeover! For a video and more information on the upcoming changes, as well as detailed instructions on how to download using the new interface, click here.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:


If you have more questions or concerns, feel free to call us up!

The Lounge

We haven’t talked much about the new Teen Room, a.k.a The Lounge, yet, but we’re really excited about it and want to give you a tour! We moved the Teen Room over and out of it’s previous little home and given teens a place to spread out and relax.


Whereas the old Teen Room was tiny and cramped, our new space is big, with room to move things around and expand. We’ve purchased Fat Boy beanbag chairs to hang out on. Put your feet up and read a magazine in this corner!


There are cafe tables to share with a friend, or sit here by yourself and your laptop to write the Next Great American Novel.





Have you checked out our music collection? We have all the latest indie, hip-hop, and pop music you love- and also some classic bands you absolutely have to know. Take a risk, pick out an album you don’t know! It’s free, and you might just find your next favorite band.


  Do you like Manga? Of course you do. We have a growing collection of some great series. Don’t see what you want? Why don’t you suggest something? We’re always looking for new series to add!


The Lounge has evolved into a place where everyone is welcomed- whether you’re an adult who loves YA novels (and why wouldn’t you?!), a teen looking for a comfy seat, or a tween who wants to get away from the chaos that is the Children’s Room.



Look at all of our books!



If you have actual homework to do, you can totally do it here. There are two computers for you to use if you have a Library card. If you don’t have a Library card, you should get one!


Thanks for checking out the Lounge. Now why don’t you stop by and see it in real life?

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt has become so popular we’ve had to double the amount of eggs! This year we’ll have the littlest tots in their own room, and the Teens outside (weather permitting). As always, it’s BYOB- Bring Your Own Basket! The Easter Egg Hunt will happen on Saturday, March 23rd, at 11 am.


Make sure you get here a little early, because the hunt starts promptly at 11am!

See you then!

March is National Craft Month


It’s National Craft Month at the Library, sponsored by the Library Friends of Oak Bluffs!

Celebrate with us every single day with a new craft! We’re using old books, buttons, bottle caps, yarn, and more to create new and wonderful things. All supplies for the daily craft will be kept in the Meeting Room and are available for you to bring home. After you’ve completed your daily craft, post a picture to our Facebook, or email it to us at: Join us every Saturday at 1pm to make the daily craft with others! The last Saturday of the month at 1pm, Circulation Manager Anna Marie will be showing everyone how to spin yarn!


Here are some examples of the different crafts you can make:


Paper Flowers, the craft for March 3rd.


Book Garland, the craft for March 4th.


Book Mobile, the craft for March 5th.


Book Angel, the craft for March 6th.