Monthly Archives: November 2008

Downloadable MP3 Audiobooks Have Arrived!

Do you have a Mac and/or iPod that you want to use to listen to audiobooks? The library now provides this service through our CLAMS Digital Downloads website!

The OverDrive Media Console for Mac is now available to download from the site. With OverDrive Media Console for Mac, OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks can now be downloaded and enjoyed on Macs. The built-in Burn Wizard can be used to burn MP3 Audiobooks to CD, and the Transfer Wizard allows quick and easy transfer to Apple® devices.

Oprah loves her new Kindle!

Here is a story from the Oprah Winfrey Show in which Oprah is “talking-up” her new Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is a portable electronic reading device that allows users to download the latest books, magazines, & newspapers from the Amazon Website. The Kindle has lots of other interested features as well, learn more about it by reading the story that we linked to above!

National Gaming Day @ Your Library

Saturday, November 15, is National Gaming Day @ Your Library.

Bring your family to the library between 10am-4:30pm to enjoy a selection of new board games, classic games, and video games (Dance Dance Revolution & Guitar Hero will be played from 2pm-4pm).

Hasbro has sent all public libraries a free copy of the board game, Pictureka, in hopes of setting a record for the most number of people playing the same board game on the same day!

Come help us set the record and visit your library to read, learn, and play!