Monthly Archives: October 2007

Halloween PreSchool Celebration!

Get a look at the cute children who came dressed in costume to our Halloween Storytime, Parade, and Party! We read Clifford’s First Halloween and some other Halloween, but not so scary, books! We then made little ghosts which we carried throughout the library saying “WOOOOO” to scare the librarians! In the end, we enjoyed mini cupcakes, baby crackers, chips, popcorn , candy and juice! All served by our trusty Library Friend of Oak Bluffs, Lois Virtue, and “Mother Nature” (Irene!)

More photos will be added later. Here is one for you right now!

The BAT PEOPLE are attacking!

Our PreSchool Story Time kids got busy making BAT head gear after they read Stellaluna, Bats at the Beach and other books that helped them to learn about bats. Join us for our Halloween Story Time Party and Parade next Wednesday at 10:30 AM.

LOL @ your library! IMPers & Sketchy Teens visited for Teen Read Week!

The IMPers and Sketchy Teens came for Teen Read Week’s LOL @ your library! A lot of fun was had by all. The kids combined reading with comedy, my favorite being when they took lines from books and inserted them into unlikely situations. “Call me Ishmael!” shouted one dude in the middle of a shopping expedition. They came up with crazy schemes and really funny dialogue, some rehearsed & some by the seat of their pants. It was great fun!

We really appreciate and thank these funny teens and their fearless leader, Donna Swift.

Trustee Toolkit Workshop

The Oak Bluffs Public library was a host to a workshop for library trustees presented jointly by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) and Southeastern Massachusetts Library System (SEMLS).
Library trustees from all of the Island libraries had an opportunity to learn how the MBLC and SEMLS can assist them in providing service to their community. The speakers were:
Irving Zangwill, Commissioner, MBLC
Robert Maier, Director of the MBLC
Maureen Killoran, Head of Public Library Advisory Unit/Govenrment Liaison
Brian Donoghue, Librarian Research Services
Cindy Roach, SEMLS Regional Administrator
Cheryl Bryan, SEMLS Asst. Admin. for Consulting & Continuing Education.
Before the workshop, guests from MBLC were given a tour of the library and were happy to see it was being well used: a story hour was going on in the Children’s program room, a book discussion in the Conference room, and many computer users in the reference area. They especially admired Margot Datz’s artwork and her book end-pannels in the Children’s room.

October’s Book Discussion: "Cod" by Mark Kurlansky

In conjunction with The Sustainable Book Club our Book Discussion Group met recently to talk about Kurlansky’s novel “Cod”.

Spirited discussions took place at both the evening and morning sessions, with mostly praise expressed for the author’s research and writing style.

Topics that received particular attention were fish farming, the fishing industry (techniques, technology, economics, etc..), the historical significance of cod, education in schools concerning sustainability, and the social/cultural influence of this important food source.

As usual people’s personal experiences and expertise on relevant subjects greatly contributed to the conversation, and made for a thought provoking group discussion!

Kurlansky has written a number of other books that may also appeal to readers:
Salt: A World History
The Basque History of the World: The Story of a Nation
The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell

Biographies, MV Hurricanes, Fishing Derby, and more!

Come to the Library and see our latest and greatest Library & Book Displays:

Visit our “Who’s Life Is It Anyway?” Book Display and find Library materials concerning the lives of fascinating people!

Or take a look at our “Hurricanes & Martha’s Vineyard” exhibit to learn more about some of the powerful storms that have affected the Island’s people, towns, and landscape over the years! There is more information in the Reference Department that will help you and your family prepare for future hurricanes and natural disasters.

It is also the season for the annual Fishing Derby, the Library staff has created a display of related materials along with some brief information about the Derby.

Finally, don’t forget about Banned Books Week! There are bookmarks and information packets near the Library’s Catalog Computers and in the Reference Department. Celebrate your freedom to read today!